Annual Report


Annual Report highlights the glorious achievements and accomplishments of our students during the year 2018-19.At the same time it also teaches us not to be satisfied and establish new path to march forward till the excellence is achieved in all our endeavors.

We believe that every individual has a lot of potential, and that potential can help to accomplish wonders. With high expectation and academic vigor we started our journey on 4th June 2018.


Excellence in academics is the hall mark of any good institution. It was a moment of great pride when class X students secured 100% victory in the AISSE examination. Fathima.A.V awarded memento and certificate of appreciation for her excellent performance in the exam.


A sound mind can exist only in a sound body. With this aim in view, all steps are taken to encourage maximum number of students to actively involve themselves in sports activities. We have conducted our SPORTS DAY on November 15 and 16.The day was inaugurated by Nijeesh sir, Sub inspector of Payyanur police station.

For genuine competition, students were divided in to four Houses namely Unicorn, Falcon, Hawk and Phoenix. The House of Unicorn emerged as winner of the sports meet.

Our students participated in the IAME zonal level competitions such as Football match under 14&17, running competition etc. Saif.T.P of VIth   std got first prize in 200mtrs running competitions under 14 in the zonal level .Ahsana Ashraf of X std made us proud by securing second prize in zonal level Chess Championship.


For the best implementations of varied activities, our school opened different scholastic clubs such as Natural club, Language club, Social club, Science club and Maths  club. Each club started functioning from the very beginning of the academic year by conducting variety activities.

On ‘World Environment Day’, as a part of ‘Haritha Kerala Mission’ seed packets were distributed in our school also. Our school vegetable garden was officially inaugurated by Agricultural Officer Narayanan Sir.


Language club was inaugurated on the Reading Day (19/6/18) by the famous communicative trainer A.Haridas Sir. Students actively participated in quiz and reading competition conducted on that day.

As a part of the inauguration of Maths club, Science club and Social club we conducted various activities such as Power point presentation, Seminars, Exhibitions, Quiz, Speech, Drawing competitions, Poster making competitions etc.


School parliament entrusts to give training to the students regarding the function of democracy. We conducted School Election on June 30.adwaid of class IX and Raja Jabir of VII std elected as Head boy and Head girl respectively.


‘Teachers are also learners’. Staying updated is the key to success in any field, especially in education. Our teachers constantly strive to stay updated by attending workshops and various training programs conducted by IAME.


Going beyond the class room walls and textbooks comprehending the wonders that are beyond the syllabus. ‘Learn through experience’, taking this in mind we have conducted so many Fieldtrips in this year. Our students visited Coir factory, Khadi Industry, Clay Pottery unit.Venkala Paithruka Gramam, Village office etc.The visits filled new energy in our students.

Our students got a golden chance to stay overnight and observe stars and various celestial bodies from the Astro-center Echilamvayal. Another remarkable event we conducted was our visit to HOPE Pilathara and ANJALI VIDYANIKIETHAN Mathamangalam.The visits help to inculcate the human feelings such as love, compassion, sympathy, sharing etc in the young mind of our children.


In order make our students healthy, we have arranged a number of health programmes.We have arranged a ‘Cancer Awareness Class’ to our students. The class was demonstrated by Dr.Leela, the Medical officer of Taliparamba Taluk Hospital. Our Eco club arranged ‘a blood determination camp’ also.





Co curricular activities are an integral part of our school. We have arranged a lot of activities and celebrations which have showcased the hidden talents of our students. We conducted our Art Fest on November 30 and December 1.Arts Day was inaugurated by Thulunadan Sahithya Academy Award Winner Sukumaran Kunhimangalam.

In IAME contest our school’s Raja Jabir of VII std bagged First prize with A grade in ‘Hadith Talk’ for girls.


To ensure that students get some respite from their routine school activities educational trips were planned from all the levels right from Pre-primary to Secondary level. In this academic year our higher class students visited Kochi and lower class students Kannur Science Park, Sadhoo Park and Payyambalam beach.


For the smooth running of an educational institution, the co-operation of parents are necessary. Parents can keep a real-time track of the status of their child for daily attendance, fee status, periodic results, school circulars and news etc through the School app. We conduct PTA meetings monthly and the teachers contact the parents regularly to discuss the improvements of students.


To ensure that our students are equipped to face any chgallenge, we have introduced martial arts such as karate and kumphu.We have given vocational  training to our students to make products such as soap, washing powder, shampoo, toilet cleaner, floor cleaner etc.

Assemblies are an essential part of schools, for they not only promote a sense of collective belongings to the school but they also educate the students in various ways. We are conducting class wise assemblies weekly.

In lower classes we have adopted Star System for promoting and encouraging excellent students.

Even though we are giving importance to extra curricular activities, our primary aim is to make our students academically brilliant. With this aim in view we are giving extra class to those students who are week in the academic area.

To keep pace with the fast growing technology, our school has well equipped computer labs.

In order to make learning more interesting, we are providing smart class also to our students.



Along with these, various events are celebrated with a lot of vigour and fun, such as Republic day, Independence day, Yoga day, Teachers day, Childrens day, Gandhi jayanti, Nutrition day, Ozone day etc.

Our Moral department associated with Mazhavil club conducted Muharam celebrations in colourful way. Our school became the subscriber of deshabimani news paper in the presence of T.V.Rajesh MLA.

In times of need,  it is our basic responsibility to help those who need it. We also became a part of to help the Kerala Flood Victims. We hand over the flood relief fund to Cheruthazham grama panchayath President Mrs.P.Prabhavathi.

Our KG section conducted a lot of fun filled activities through out the year such as monthly cultural programs, colouring competitions, memory test, brain gym, clay modeling etc.They celebrated national importance days also in an enthusiastic way.

The principal goal education is to create an individual who are capable of doing new things, not simply of repeating what other generation have done. And this would be our constant endeavor.